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michigan winter mice removal

Michigan Winter Mice Removal

Michigan Winter Mice Removal:

Michigan winter mice removal done by the professionals at Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control. Most nuisance animal calls come in the spring time but mice are an exception to this rule. We receive more calls for mice during fall and winter than we do during spring and summer. These tiny rodents mate and breed year round and become extremely active as days become shorter and the temperature drops. Its hard for mice to find food when trees are bare and the ground is covered with snow so they have to rely on the reserves they’ve stored away during fall to survive. For homes that have mice living in the walls and attic, you will have increased noise and more frequent mouse sightings. Due to decreased food supplies, mice will become desperate and come looking for yours. This means raiding pantries and cold cellars and tearing into packaging. Mice need about three grams of food to survive and drink very little water. As a result, causing lots of trips back and forth from food sources and plenty of scratching and scurrying. Mice do not hibernate and will remain active throughout winter. They will spend more time indoors during winter but venture out frequently. Mice prefer to make their home in close proximity to known food sources and usually build their nests in quiet areas that are free of human activity and predators. The spaces behind walls and ceilings are a favorite. These are places where mice are able to store food, mate and raise their young. Mice will only venture out into the open spaces of a home if they’re desperate for food. If you hear or see mouse activity inside your home this winter your best bet is to call a professional. Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control are experts in mouse removal, clean up and prevention. Our trained technicians start by performing a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior and attic and then design a customized removal plan to keep you mouse free. Call us today for your home inspection 248-800-4172

Coyote Removal

We handle coyote removal in both urban and rural settings. Call us for more information.

Opossum Removal

Opossum (Possum) can be a major nuisance to people and pets alike. If one needs removal from your property contact us today!

Beaver Removal

If beaver are destroying your forestry or have built a dam causing flooding call us today so we can resolve the issue.

Groundhog Removal

We live trap groundhog/woodchuck from your property and relocate them so they will not return.

Snake Removal

We are able, in most cases, to perform snake removal the same day. Please call us for more information.

Mole Removal

If you have soft spots in your yard or garden call us today before the moles ruin your garden and landscaping!

Mouse and Rat Removal

Mice and Rat removal is at times a lengthy process. We have effective techniques to handle any size issue.

Bird Removal

We use live bird removal techniques that are humane and effective.

Skunk Removal

Our skunk removal experts are standing by to assist you. We offer live skunk trapping to all of S.E. Michigan.

Squirrel Removal

We handle both residential and commercial live squirrel trapping and removal.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon removal in Michigan nearly always includes attic restoration. We are experts in both.
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Sullivan’s Animal Control has been providing wildlife and animal control services in Michigan for over 20 years. We recognize the wide variety of issues and concerns that come from Michigan homeowners who have dealt with nuisance animals in or around their home. We will apply our skills and knowledge to cover any situation. If you are looking for expert professional service in animal removal and critter control you have found the right company. Contact us today!

We are experts in the field of wildlife removal and relocation. We cover a large area of Southeast Michigan and are here to help with any wildlife  problems you may have. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you. We are a locally owned professional Michigan wildlife animal trapping & removal company.

Mole Removal MichiganSullivan’s Nuisance Animal Control is a one-stop solution for all of your wildlife problems. From skunk & mole removal to raccoon & squirrel removal, we do it all. Let our professional team of experts end your problems with  unwanted and destructive wildlife at your home. You’ll be glad you hired the best! Satisfaction Guaranteed!! Call Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control  today at 248-800-4172!

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Raccoon Removal Michigan The trapping and relocation of nuisance wildlife is the best and most humane method. If you are having problems with groundhogs (aka. woodchucks), squirrels, opossums, raccoons or other destructive animals contact our office now to discuss what our team of experts can do for you. Our methods of wildlife control are highly effective and always humane. Whatever your animal problem is you can rest assured the experts at Sullivan’s Nuisance Animal Control can handle it.

Don’t let pesky wildlife ruin your landscape, home and outside fun. Call Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control today at 248-800-4172.

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