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Wildlife Proofing

Our wildlife proofing service in Michigan will address not only your current nuisance wildlife issues but prevent future issues from occurring. Many homes are built in areas in Michigan that make them prone to have wildlife issues. There are gaps left by the construction of the home that make it easy to have an animal […]

Attic Restoration

We offer a full service attic restoration service. Once you have had a successful nuisance animal removal it is critical to deal with all of the animal waste and contaminated materials that were left behind. They can attract bugs and cause other problems if not dealt with properly. The waste as it dries will also […]

Commercial Wildlife Removal

We serve several types of commercial buildings for wildlife and bat removal. We are in contract with several different property management companies. We have been with Kramer Triad Management Group for many years. We remove all of their unwanted critters, and attic pest for Troy, Novi, and Ann Arbor, MI offices. We carry 1 million […]