Michigan Live Wildlife Trapping

Michigan Live Wildlife Trapping:

Michigan live wildlife trapping done by trained professionals at Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control. Our team of experts will handle any wildlife problems you may have. We recently went to a home in Oakland County where homeowners were tired of having their garbage cans dumped out each night. The technicians did a full inspection and found that they had a family of Raccoons living in their detached garage.

Live Trapping of Raccoons:

First of all the technicians will set up two live traps that are bated with fresh fruit. This is a great way to get the raccoons to go into the trap as they love fruit! Another good bait is fish, but that can be stinky. As a result of living there for a while they had made quite a mess. We are also able to do the clean up and help to restore the garage back to normal after the wildlife has been removed. The technicians will go back to the home every couple days to check the traps and re-bait as needed. Although we normally get the wildlife in a week or so, sometimes it can take longer. Rest assured that our team will get the target animal though.

If you or anyone you know is having issues with nuisance wildlife in their home or on their property, call us now. At Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control we will trap and relocate those animals to a better suited home. Your home will be wildlife free and you can enjoy your outdoor space again. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Call today for your home inspection. 248-800-4172

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