Bats Entering Attic Space:

Bats entering attic space can become a real issue for homeowners. Here in Michigan, bats like to find places that remain between 35 and 45 degrees to survive the winters. Bats will sometimes end up in our homes because it provides shelter and warmth. Bats like to find warmer areas to hibernate in for the cold months. Resulting in attics becoming the perfect spot for a colony of bats to go. As the weather gets warmer homeowners may start to hear scratching sounds in their ceilings or walls. This is the first sign bats could’ve been hibernating in your attic.

Bat Exclusion:

A homeowner in Howell was hearing scratching noises, they called Bat Specialists Of Michigan and scheduled a home inspection. A technician was able to see that bats were using openings in the eaves to gain access into the attic. Big Brown bats had been roosting during the winter months . A bat exclusion was necessary to safely remove all the bats. One way bat doors were installed allowing the bats to leave but not return to the home. In addition, eight entry points were also repaired and sealed. Finally, it was time to do the spot clean, as bats will leave behind quite a mess. Bat Guano can be harmful to humans if left untreated resulting in mild to severe respiratory issues. Therefore it is important to have the space cleaned by only a professional company. Bat Specialists of Michigan has a highly trained and licensed staff ready to perform all your bat removal needs. Call us at 248.361.1528 to schedule your inspection today.