Bats Roosting

Bats Roosting on Gable Vents – 248.361.1528 – A customer had called us about seeing bats flying near the peak of her home. Our technician went to her home and completed a full bat inspection and found that bats are roosting on the gable vents. We sealed all 9 openings to prevent bats from entering […]

Wildlife Trapping

Wildlife Trapping and Relocation – 248.361.1528 – We are a safe and humane wildlife relocation company. Any animals trapped will be relocated within the county to prevent the spread of diseases. All animals are relocated at a safe distance to prevent the animals return. We Provide wildlife trapping and wildlife relocation services all over Southeast […]

Bird Removal Experts

Bird Removal Experts – 248.361.1528 – Homeowners can experience bird gaining access to your attic or even have one show up flying through your living quarters. This will result in them leaving waste and nesting materials that can cause disease through airborne bacteria and fungi.  They can also build their nests in ways that will […]

Wildlife Inspection

Complete Wildlife Inspection -248.361.1528-  We provide a full service inspection to identify the scope and depth of your nuisance wildlife issues. If you are hearing noises in your attic we will determine what is there and how it is getting in. We will provide you with written explanations of your current situation along with an […]

Residential Animal Removal

Residential Animal Removal – 248.361.1528 – We have successfully completed hundreds of animal exclusions in Oakland county residential homes. We have trapped and relocated hundreds of nuisance animals in all sizes. Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one concern and we pride ourselves on ensuring we leave each job successful. We will remove the animals […]

Sullivan’s Nuisance Animal Control

Sullivan’s Nuisance Animal Control  – 248.361.1528 – This past Sunday our boss John decided to take us employees on a fishing adventure with Steel Head Hunter Charters. Most of us have never been on a charter boat let alone fishing in Saginaw Bay! We had caught a lot of walleye and had a lot of […]

Horrendous Smell

Horrendous Smell – 248.361.1528 – Today, we sent our technician on a service call for a foul odor coming from inside a home. The homeowners state that the smell is getting worse day by day and they believe that they have an animal that had died somewhere in their home. Our technician could smell the […]

Bat Removal Experts

Bat Removal Experts – 248.361.1528 – Bats are sing openings where the soffit is missing and at the openings in the eaves. We will seal all openings that we found during the inspection and install one-way bat doors to exclude the bats from the attic. The one-way bat doors are the most efficient and humane […]

Wildlife Proofing

Wildlife Proofing – 248.361.1528 – Wildlife proofing is necessary to for proper animal control in Michigan. This is a critical step whether you have animals in your home or not. If the repairs are not done correctly to your home there is a very good chance the animal will gain access again. If they have a spot […]

Rochester MI Animal Control

Rochester MI Animal Control Wildlife Control Opossum Removal We trap and relocate problem opossum whenever needed. If you need a opossum removed please contact us and we will resolve your issue quickly. Raccoon Removal The Bat Specialists of Michigan can resolve any raccoon removal needs you have. We will do so through an immediate eviction […]