Winter Wildlife Removal Oakland County

Winter Wildlife Removal Oakland County: Winter wildlife removal Oakland County Michigan is a busy time of year.With Winter upon us you may notice Raccoons or other wildlife trying to keep warm in your home, garages, or pole barns. These critters can cause a lot of damage in a little amount of time. This can end […]

Live Wildlife Removal

Live Wildlife Removal: Live wildlife removal becomes necessary when you have nuisance animals invading your homes dwelling. In Michigan this occurs mostly in the spring and summer months. Wildlife may find nesting places in your homes attic or chimney. They may also make dens in your garage or under your decking. While most times these […]

Humane Animal Removal

Humane Animal Removal: At Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control we provide humane animal removal services in Michigan. Whether you have raccoon, squirrel, groundhog, opossum, bird, chipmunk, skunk, or any other wildlife issue we got you covered! Our technicians are highly trained and certified in wildlife removal and relocation. Dont let nuisance wildlife ruin your summer outdoor […]

Michigan Wildlife Removal

Michigan Wildlife Removal: In Michigan wildlife removal becomes necessary at times. This usually occurs in the springtime after baby animals are born. Mothers will sometimes decide to nest in areas homeowners would rather not have them in. These spots include attics, chimneys, garages, and barns. As a result, they can create a big mess by […]

Bird Removal Experts

Bird Removal Experts – 248.361.1528 – Homeowners can experience bird gaining access to your attic or even have one show up flying through your living quarters. This will result in them leaving waste and nesting materials that can cause disease through airborne bacteria and fungi.  They can also build their nests in ways that will […]

Bird Removal Auburn Hills, MI

Bird Removal Auburn Hills MI-  248.361.1528. -Many home owners feed bird and do not consider birds to be pest. People experience bird problems know that birds are anything but innocent creatures of nature. They are nuisance pest in many different ways. Birds will take flight into your attic leaving large piles of nesting material. Nesting […]

Bird Removal Experts

Bird Removal Experts in Novi, MI – 248.361.1528 – We received a call from a homeowner stating they a hearing birds in their bedroom walls. Our technician went to the home and completed an inspection and found birds are getting into the wall through a open hole on the side of their house. The birds are […]

Bird Removal Wolverine Lake MI

Bird Removal Wolverine Lake MI 248-361-1528 Removing birds from commercial buildings and residential homes is another one of our work specialties. We remove birds from attics, homes, chimneys and buildings. All birds and nests are humanely removed through live trapping and live exclusions. Birds in the attic are excluded just as bats are through a […]