Bat Tested Positive for Rabies

Yesterday, a young boy in Van Buren County , MI was bitten by a bat that tested positive for rabies. Check out the full article that was on Bat bites sleeping boy, tests positive for rabies Brian and Jaxson Cripps are undergoing a series of injections to prevent them from contracting rabies. Courtesy […]

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services – 248.361.1528 – Our latest service call landed us at a home in Oakland County where the homeowner has been hearing a lot of noises in the attic. Our technician completed a full inspection and found that raccoons are gaining entry into the attic through an opening in the eaves. Live traps […]

Animal Trapping and Relocation Services

Animal Trapping and Relocation Services- 248-361-1528– The trapping and relocation of nuisance animals are always the best and most humane method. If you are having problems with groundhogs (aka. woodchucks), squirrels, opossums, or other destructive nuisance animals contact one of our offices to discuss what avenue is the best to take. Our methods of wildlife control […]

Wildlife Services

Wildlife Services  – 248.361.1528 – Not only do we handle animal removal, we can prevent wildlife from taking over or damaging your home. Wildlife proofing your home is essential when dealing with an unwanted pest. Most wild animals are very territorial and will often come back to a home if the repairs not done right. We […]

Groundhog Removal Services

Groundhog Removal  – Hartland, MI-  We recently trapped and relocated this woodchuck we named Donald Trump because of his messy hair. Woodchucks are commonly located in fields, pastures, along fence rows, stone walls, roadsides, building foundations, and bases of trees. The burrow serves as a home for mating, weaning young, hibernation and protection. Their burrows […]

Raccoon Trapping Farmington Hills MI

Raccoon Trapping Farmington Hills MIRaccoons are loud walking around in attics. They destroy insulation and defecate all over the attic. They carry many diseases like rabies, distemper, and their feces carry eggs of round worm which can hatch and become harmful to humans. Whenever there are raccoons in the attic it is always recommended to […]