Spring Wildlife Removal

Spring Wildlife Removal: Spring wildlife removal becomes necessary when animals have decided to use your home or property as a nesting area. Most animals will find trees, hollowed logs or dig burrows to nest in. Its when they decide that your garage, attic or deck areas are good nesting spots that a problem can arise. […]

Nuisance Animal Control

Sullivan’s Nuisance Animal Control: We are experts in wildlife trapping and relocation. Our company has been in the business of nuisance animal control for over 20 years. We have trapped and relocated thousands of unwanted wildlife from homes and business’s. As a result we are recognized leaders in the industry. In addition, our technicians are licensed […]

Clarkston – Skunk Removal Services

Clarkston – Skunk Removal Services  It is easy to spot a skunk by its distinctive black and white fur. The easiest way to know if one is around is the smell. Skunk removal becomes necessary if a skunk has moved into your property and is interfering with your ability to enjoy the outdoors. A skunk […]

Professional Wildlife Trapping and Relocation

Professional Wildlife Trapping and Relocation – 248.361.1528 – We investigate every situation, looking for clues such as clawing, chewing, and the size of the opening on the exterior of the home. It’s really important to know where the animal is entering, exiting, and living. For instance, if we find there are raccoons in an attic […]

Skunks Becoming More Active

Skunks Becoming More Active – 248.361.1528 – We have had a quite a few calls come in for skunks. With the warmer temperatures, we have been getting the skunks have been more active out searching for food and water. We were called to a home in West Bloomfield because the homeowner has been smelling skunk […]

Skunk Control and Removal Services

Skunk Control and Removal Services – 248.361.1528 – We here at the office we get a lot of calls about skunks being under houses or other structures. When we get a call for a skunk under a house, it comes with a degree of urgency from the customer because often times the skunk has already […]

Live Skunk Removal

Live Skunk Removal – 248.361.1528 – We recently completed a skunk removal job in Commerce Township. The skunk had made a den under a homeowner’s deck and was making it quite a nuisance. We were able to determine the exact location of the den and set up live traps to catch the skunk. It allowed […]

Skunk Hiding Out under the Bushes

Skunk Hiding Out under the Bushes – 248.361.1528 – A service call came in from a homeowner that is having a problem with a skunk. She says that whenever she takes her children to go outside and play, there is always a skunk smell near her children’s toys under the deck. Our technician went to […]

Relocation Nuisance Skunks

Relocation Nuisance Skunks -248.361.1528- For Walled Lake, Michigan we specialize in skunk removal. Our process is quick and efficient. We use live traps to remove and then relocate the skunk from your property.  If you need live skunk removal in Walled Lake, Michigan we are the team to help. We will never use poisons to […]

Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal Services -248.361.15258- We recently had a call from Milford, MI wanting wildlife removed from around their home. We quickly found out that a skunk had made a den under the homeowner’s deck. The skunk was starting to make itself quite a nuisance to the homeowners. At the time of the inspection, the technician […]