Live Wildlife Removal

Live Wildlife Removal: Live wildlife removal becomes necessary when you have nuisance animals invading your homes dwelling. In Michigan this occurs mostly in the spring and summer months. Wildlife may find nesting places in your homes attic or chimney. They may also make dens in your garage or under your decking. While most times these […]

Humane Animal Removal

Humane Animal Removal: At Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control we provide humane animal removal services in Michigan. Whether you have raccoon, squirrel, groundhog, opossum, bird, chipmunk, skunk, or any other wildlife issue we got you covered! Our technicians are highly trained and certified in wildlife removal and relocation. Dont let nuisance wildlife ruin your summer outdoor […]

Michigan Wildlife Removal

Michigan Wildlife Removal: In Michigan wildlife removal becomes necessary at times. This usually occurs in the springtime after baby animals are born. Mothers will sometimes decide to nest in areas homeowners would rather not have them in. These spots include attics, chimneys, garages, and barns. As a result, they can create a big mess by […]

Nuisance Animal Control

Sullivan’s Nuisance Animal Control: We are experts in wildlife trapping and relocation. Our company has been in the business of nuisance animal control for over 20 years. We have trapped and relocated thousands of unwanted wildlife from homes and business’s. As a result we are recognized leaders in the industry. In addition, our technicians are licensed […]

Snake Removal Services

– SNAKE REMOVAL SERVICES – Most snake calls we go on being because people find snakes in the basement or even in their living quarters. If a snake is startled it will bite you. Even though almost all snakes in Michigan are non-poisonous it’s recommended to seek medical attention right away. Snakes carry large amounts […]

Groundhog Removal Troy MI

Groundhog Removal Troy MI 248-361-1528 Groundhogs burrow in and out of hill tops creating landslides and erosion. They also make tunnels throughout rock walls causing the rocks to come lose and tumble down, and they make dens under sidewalks causing them to collapse as well. Another nuisance is they pester dogs and cats and they […]

Mole Removal Southfield MI

    Mole Removal Southfield MI 248-361-1528 Ground Moles are simply expensive and time-consuming to clean up after. The most common damage by moles is to your lawn and landscape including burrowing under flower and shrub roots depriving them of nourishment and eventually killing the plant. We all know what damage they can do to […]

Raccoon Trapping South Lyon MI

Raccoon Trapping South Lyon MI 248.361.1528 If you have a raccoon in your house we can help! Raccoons are found in any area they can easily scavenge food.  They are great at climbing so can gain access to many buildings where you would not expect to find them.  We have pulled them out of attics, […]