Mice and Rat Removal Royal Oak MI

Mice and Rat Removal Royal Oak MI Mice chew entry points into your home or attic. They also chew and destroy wiring in your attic. 25-30% of all house fires are caused because or rodents chewing wires. Mice eat your food leave droppings everywhere. Sometimes their droppings can contaminate an attic with their droppings and […]

Possum Removal Rochester MI

Possum Removal Rochester MI Opossums (commonly spelled Possum) give off a strong odor, carrie disease and will get into places like your garage, under your deck and other structures to die. No one likes the smell of a decaying animal. They also get into dog food which could spread disease to your pets and Possums […]

Animal Trapping and Relocation Michigan

Animal Trapping & Relocation The trapping and relocation of nuisance animals is always the best and most humane method. If you are having problems with groundhogs (aka. woodchucks), squirrels, opossums, or other destructive nuisance animals contact one of our offices to discuss what avenue is the best to take. Our methods of wildlife control are […]

Snake Removal Ortonville MI

Snake Removal Ortonville MI Most snake calls we go on are because people find snakes in the basement or even in their living quarters. If a snake is startled it will bite you. Even though almost all snakes in Michigan are non-poisonous its recommended to seek medical attention right away. Snakes carry large amounts of […]