Red Squirrel Removal

Red Squirrel Removal in Southfield, MI- 248.361.1528- We recently sent out technician out to a home to complete an inspection and he had found that the scratching noises the customers have been hearing are squirrels. He found a chew hole in the back of the home behind the gutter at the right corner of the […]

Squirrel Removal Bloomfield Hills MI

Squirrel Removal Bloomfield Hills MIThere are different types of squirrels in Michigan. Red squirrel, fox squirrel, gray squirrel, black squirrel, chipmunk, and flying squirrel. Most squirrels are diurnal but the flying squirrel is nocturnal. They fly through the trees at night so they can avoid hawks, eagles, and other flying predators. If you need squirrel […]