Squirrel Removal Clawson MI

Squirrel Removal Clawson MI 248-361-1528. Michigan has many different types of squirrels and we can help you remove them all.  We will use traps to catch the squirrels and release them back into the wild in a more suitable spot. We can also help identify entry points to not allow further access.

Bird Removal Auburn Hills MI

Bird Removal Auburn Hills MI 248.361.1528. Many home owners feed bird and do not consider birds to be pest. People experience bird problems know that birds are anything but innocent creatures of nature. They are nuisance pest in many different ways. Birds will take flight into your attic leaving large piles of nesting material. Nesting […]

Commercial Wildlife Removal

We serve several types of commercial buildings for wildlife and bat removal. We are in contract with several different property management companies. We have been with Kramer Triad Management Group for many years. We remove all of their unwanted critters, and attic pest for Troy, Novi, and Ann Arbor, MI offices. We carry 1 million […]