Michigan Wildlife Trapping:

Michigan wildlife trapping done by the professionals at Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control. One of the most common questions asked to us by homeowners is “Should we just trap the animals ourselves?” Here are some of the reasons why we think hiring a professional service like us is the way to go.

Many animals are sick, or can be very aggressive and possibly harm you if threatened. Especially a mother trying to protect her young. A squirrel has the ability to bite and attack humans, and have little fear towards us due to cohabitation. Wildlife can be very unpredictable and you have to know what you are doing in order to safely trap them. Every animal has a different attractant as well, you need to know the right bait to use and where to strategically place the traps.

Additionally, it may be difficult to diagnose a rabid or sick animal. Many animals appear to be perfectly healthy to a human, yet are still carrying various diseases, including harmful parasites that could infect humans. It is also important not to touch animal feces or pick up dead animals without gloves on.

Remember, rat bites are part of what started diseases such as the bubonic plague. Rather than being bitten or attacked by an animal, or taking the risk of contracting an illness, it makes much more sense to have a qualified animal nuisance specialist assess and correct the situation for you.

Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control has dealt with all types of animals in various conditions throughout several different scenarios. We have the tools and the expertise to help rid you of your nuisance animal problem, and keep you and your family safe. Call today for your home inspection 248-800-4172