Raccoon Nesting In Chimney:

Raccoon nesting in chimney in Oakland CountySullivans Nuisance Animal Control received a call from a homeowner who saw a raccoon and possibly some babies nesting in their chimney. A technician was sent out to do a inspection of the home and could see the mother and her kits. They were living in the homes chimney. Due to the situation it was important to approach with caution because the mother raccoon will protect her young. The technician set a chimney trap to catch the mother first. Upon the capture of the mother raccoon it was now safe to remove the kits. Since the kits were still quite small it was safe to handle them with special gloves and training. As a result, we were able to relocate both mother and babies to a safe area where they could find a better suited den.

About Raccoons:

Raccoons are very intelligent animals and are also very adaptable. They prefer to live in wooded areas but will sometimes seek shelter in less desirable places when living in suburban areas. Raccoons can be a nuisance to homeowners causing damage to gardens, crops, chimneys, siding, and many other household things. If Raccoons are roaming your neighborhood its best to contact a professional company to safely trap and relocate them. Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control is a leader in the live trapping industry and are here to help with all your wildlife removal needs. Call us today at 248.361.1528