Spring Raccoon Removal:

Spring Raccoon Removal is another common animal removal problem we deal with in Michigan. Raccoons are very clever animals and they have learned to adapt very well to the suburban and rural environments of Michigan. They will dig through trash, dig up yards and destroy everything to obtain food. Raccoon Removal in the spring is critical as the raccoons will get into the attic of your home. Once inside they will do a large amount of damage in a short period of time.

Raccoons should not be allowed to stay in your attic and should be removed as soon as they are discovered. They can be one of the most destructive animals if left to live in a homes attic. Raccoons are responsible for over $2 billion annually throughout the United States. The damage that raccoons can do while in homes are destroying A/C duct work, ruining attic insulation, damage to roofs, soffts, and attic vents. In addition to the damage they do to a home they can also pose a threat to your family’s health. This can happen by possibly bringing in diseases that are easily spread to humans. Raccoons are able to carry and transmit rabies which can be a life threatening illness if not treated.

Raccoon infestations are on the rise in Michigan. If you have discovered a raccoon in the attic, chimney or other part of your home contact our wildlife trapping and relocation experts at Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control immediately to have the raccoon evicted 248-800-4172.