Spring Wildlife Removal:

Spring wildlife removal becomes necessary when animals have decided to use your home or property as a nesting area. Most animals will find trees, hollowed logs or dig burrows to nest in. Its when they decide that your garage, attic or deck areas are good nesting spots that a problem can arise. Wildlife can destroy your homes interior and outdoor areas with the making of dens as well as by defecating in these places.

At Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control its our job to help resolve these issues. We will inspect your homes interior and exterior to find where wildlife is getting in and also what animal your dealing with. Furthermore, we will set live traps and use correct bait to safely remove the nuisance wildlife from your property. Once all animals have been humanely trapped they will be relocated to a better suited environment. Lastly we will repair the damaged areas and wildlife proof your home as to prevent any future wildlife issues.

For all your wildlife removal needs, contact Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control 248-800-4126