Squirrels Invading Your Space:

Do you have squirrels invading your space? Our client from Grosse Pointe sure did. In fact in total he had thirteen!! We received a call from a homeowner in Grosse Pointe needing help with a squirrel issue. He had squirrels entering his attic somehow. Upon doing a through inspection of the property, our technician found a chew hole at the front of the home on a fascia board. This was allowing the squirrels to gain entry.

Live Trapping and Removal:

The live trapping process was done over a two week time period. The technicians set and baited three traps. They placed them in the attic and after two days had already caught three Black Squirrels and in total catching thirteen! Our technicians continued to bait and set the live traps until there were no more captures. All of the squirrels were relocated to a new, less populated area. It was now time to remove the traps and do all necessary repairs to the home. These included replacing chewed fascia boards as well as damaged soffits and eaves.

This is the time of year we receive the most calls regarding wildlife invading humans space. Squirrels have woken from hibernation and have mated. They are now looking for somewhere warm to nest. Squirrels have long,  sharp front teeth and long claws. This make them very good chewers and climbers. If a squirrel can find a way into a warm home it will have no issues making a nest there. Usually in the homes attic. At Sullivans Animal Control we use only the safest live traps and bait to safely remove squirrels both adults and babies. If you suspect squirrels are nesting in your home, call the professionals at Sullivans Animal Control for all your wildlife removal needs. 248.361.1528