Bat / Mice Removal Services

Bat / Mice Removal Services – 248.361.1528 – Hearing noises in the attic? Maybe you have bats in your attic or walls. Maybe it is mice that you are hearing. Either way, we can take care of the problem for whatever nuisance animal you are hearing. For bats, we can complete a full bat exclusion which […]

Wildlife Control Solutions of Michigan

Wildlife Control Solutions of Michigan – 248.361.1528 – Looking for a humane bat removal or nuisance wildlife control company in Southeast Michigan? We can help and provide an array of pest control and wildlife removal services. We specialize in live bat removal and bat control solutions. We are not pest control exterminators, meaning we do not […]

What is that Scratching Noise?

What is that Scratching Noise in the Walls? 248.361.1528 – Are you hearing scratching, noises, flapping, running in the attic? Well, it could be a mouse, squirrel, or flying squirrel. Or in most cases, it is a bat roosting under the insulation. Bats have two sets of claws and use them to drag themselves underneath your […]

Michigan Fall Bat Exclusions

Michigan Fall Bat Exclusions – 248.361.1528 – Bat removal, bat control, and bat exclusions during the Fall months are often the best times to complete bat eviction. During the beginning of fall, all juvenile pups are in full flight and aren’t at risk of being trapped into their dwelling area (attic, eaves, walls, vents, etc.). […]

Needed Rat Removal

Needed Rat Removal in South East Michigan – 248.361.1528 – We had a call from a customer that is seeing large holes in her yard near her garage. Our technician went and did an inspection and found that it is rats that she has living in her yard. We set live traps and caught and […]

Raccoons Can Cause Serious Damage

Raccoons Can Cause Serious Damage -248.361.1528-  If you’ve ever dealt with a raccoon in your home or yard, you already know what they are capable of. One reason why raccoons are able to cause so much damage is that they are very handy, they can use their front paws almost like hands. Raccoons are also […]

Wildlife Inspection

Complete Wildlife Inspection -248.361.1528-  We provide a full service inspection to identify the scope and depth of your nuisance wildlife issues. If you are hearing noises in your attic we will determine what is there and how it is getting in. We will provide you with written explanations of your current situation along with an […]