Scratching Sounds in the Walls

Scratching Sounds in the Walls – 248.361.1528 – Tons of calls coming in this week for homeowners hearing scratching noises in their walls.  In Oakland County, a homeowner is hearing scratching sounds in the walls of his home. The noises are starting to happen more frequently. Our bat expert completed a full inspection and found bat […]

Rodent Control Services

Rodent Control Services – 248.361.1528 – Rats and mice will survive in the wilderness and in urban areas. They are very similar to one another. The eat numerous amounts of food and have 50 to 100 young per year. There are black rats otherwise known as roof rats as well as brown rats aka Norway […]

Bat Tested Positive for Rabies

Yesterday, a young boy in Van Buren County , MI was bitten by a bat that tested positive for rabies. Check out the full article that was on Bat bites sleeping boy, tests positive for rabies Brian and Jaxson Cripps are undergoing a series of injections to prevent them from contracting rabies. Courtesy […]

Wildlife Control Solutions of Michigan

Wildlife Control Solutions of Michigan – 248.361.1528 – Looking for a humane bat removal or nuisance wildlife control company in Southeast Michigan? We can help and provide an array of pest control and wildlife removal services. We specialize in live bat removal and bat control solutions. We are not pest control exterminators, meaning we do not […]

Michigan Fall Bat Exclusions

Michigan Fall Bat Exclusions – 248.361.1528 – Bat removal, bat control, and bat exclusions during the Fall months are often the best times to complete bat eviction. During the beginning of fall, all juvenile pups are in full flight and aren’t at risk of being trapped into their dwelling area (attic, eaves, walls, vents, etc.). […]

Watching Bats Fly In and Out

Watching Bats Fly In and Out – 248.361.1528 – A call came in for a homeowner that reports seeing bats going into the attic through a gap above the front door. We sent our technician to the location where he completed an inspection and found signs of bats in the attic. The bats are entering […]

Needed Rat Removal

Needed Rat Removal in South East Michigan – 248.361.1528 – We had a call from a customer that is seeing large holes in her yard near her garage. Our technician went and did an inspection and found that it is rats that she has living in her yard. We set live traps and caught and […]

Raccoons Can Cause Serious Damage

Raccoons Can Cause Serious Damage -248.361.1528-  If you’ve ever dealt with a raccoon in your home or yard, you already know what they are capable of. One reason why raccoons are able to cause so much damage is that they are very handy, they can use their front paws almost like hands. Raccoons are also […]

Memorial Golf Classic

Steve Mobley Memorial Golf Classic- 248.361.1528 – We take pride in being able to take part in local community events. Over the weekend, Bat Specialist of Michigan was able to take part in the Steve Mobley Memorial Golf Classic. Bat Specialist of Michigan is proud to have been a major sponsor for the event. The […]

Homeowner Trapping

Homeowner Trapping – 248.361.1528 – We received a call from a customer that had set his own live traps to help remove the feral cats from his area. What he wasn’t expecting was to catch other animals besides the cats. He had trapped a raccoon in his live trap and would like it removed. Our […]