Spring Striped Skunks

Spring Striped Skunks: In the Spring striped skunks may dig their own dens. They will also take over dens abandoned by other animals if the opportunity exists. These dens are normally used only in late fall, winter, and early spring. Although, females with unweaned kits will use them through the summer. In winter it is […]

Professional Wildlife Trapping

Professional Wildlife Trapping and Relocation – 248.361.1528 – We investigate every situation, looking for clawing, chewing, and size of the opening. It’s really important to know where the animal is entering, exiting, and living. For instance, if we have raccoons in the attic we don’t want to set the traps on the ground because we […]

Livingston County Raccoon Removal

Livingston County Raccoon Removal – 248.361.1528 – There are 2 tell-tale signs that you have a raccoon in your attic. The first thing you may notice is a large hole in a ridge vent or other area on your roof line. The raccoon will also be very loud when moving around in your attic. They […]

New Year with Raccoons

New Year with Raccoons -248.361.1528– Nothing better than starting off the New Year with raccoons in your attic. We got a call from a homeowner on New Year’s Eve that is has a raccoon living inside the attic of their home. Once the technician got to the residence he was able to see the raccoon […]

Unwanted Attic Guests

Unwanted Attic Guests- 248.361.1528 – We got a call from a property manager that is requesting us to complete an attic inspection and remove the animals from the attic. The tenant that lives in the unit is stating that they are hearing a lot of noise from above their ceiling. Our technician found that squirrels […]

Live Skunk Removal

Live Skunk Removal – 248.361.1528 – We recently completed a skunk removal job in Commerce Township. The skunk had made a den under a homeowner’s deck and was making it quite a nuisance. We were able to determine the exact location of the den and set up live traps to catch the skunk. It allowed […]

Full Attic Restoration

Full Attic Restoration – 248.361.1528 – Our last bat exclusion we completed had a large colony living inside the attic. With that many bats and the years they have been living up in the attic, there were huge amounts of bat guano all throughout the insulation. The attic needed a complete restoration. We were able […]

Wildlife Control Solutions of Michigan

Wildlife Control Solutions of Michigan – 248.361.1528 – Looking for a humane bat removal or nuisance wildlife control company in Southeast Michigan? We can help and provide an array of pest control and wildlife removal services. We specialize in live bat removal and bat control solutions. We are not pest control exterminators, meaning we do not […]

Michigan Nuisance Opossum

Michigan Nuisance Opossum Removal- 248.361.1528 –248.361.1528-  If you need opossum removal give us a call today at 248-361-1528. We will use live traps to catch the opossum and relocate it to a more suitable area. In addition to removing the opossum efficiently and humanely, we can also offer wildlife proofing services. This will include things […]

Michigan Fall Bat Exclusions

Michigan Fall Bat Exclusions – 248.361.1528 – Bat removal, bat control, and bat exclusions during the Fall months are often the best times to complete bat eviction. During the beginning of fall, all juvenile pups are in full flight and aren’t at risk of being trapped into their dwelling area (attic, eaves, walls, vents, etc.). […]