Spring Striped Skunks

Spring Striped Skunks: In the Spring striped skunks may dig their own dens. They will also take over dens abandoned by other animals if the opportunity exists. These dens are normally used only in late fall, winter, and early spring. Although, females with unweaned kits will use them through the summer. In winter it is […]

Squirrels Invading Your Space

Squirrels Invading Your Space: Do you have squirrels invading your space? Our client from Grosse Pointe sure did. In fact in total he had thirteen!! We received a call from a homeowner in Grosse Pointe needing help with a squirrel issue. He had squirrels entering his attic somehow. Upon doing a through inspection of the […]

Spring Skunk Removal – Clarkston

Spring Skunk Removal – Clarkston – 248.361.1528 – It is easy to spot a skunk by its distinctive black and white fur. The easiest way to know if one is around is the smell. Skunk removal becomes necessary if a skunk has moved into your property and is interfering with your pets or your ability […]

Shelby Township Raccoon Removal

Shelby Township Raccoon Removal  – 248.361.1528 – We received a call from a homeowner that had an animal in their chimney. They were hearing noises and scratching sounds for most of the night. Our technician found that there had been a raccoon inside the chimney but it had managed to climb its way out. The […]

Skunks Becoming More Active

Skunks Becoming More Active – 248.361.1528 – We have had a quite a few calls come in for skunks. With the warmer temperatures, we have been getting the skunks have been more active out searching for food and water. We were called to a home in West Bloomfield because the homeowner has been smelling skunk […]

Raccoons Living Inside Homes

Raccoons Living Inside Homes -248.361.1528 – During the winter months, we get a lot of calls for animals inside the attic. Just like us, they want to be warm and out of cold weather. Our technician got a call from a homeowner that is hearing loud banging coming from above her bedroom ceiling. Our technician […]

Humane Removal and Relocation

Humane Removal and Relocation Services – 248.361.1528 – We use 100% humane and green trapping techniques for raccoon removal in Michigan. We will use live traps to catch a raccoon that is living in your attic or any other building. We can service any size residential or commercial property for raccoon removal. If you know […]

Live Skunk Relocation Services

Live Skunk Relocation Services – 248.361.1528 – We use 100% green and humane trapping techniques for skunk removal. They are quick and efficient all while not endangering the animal being removed. We will trap and relocate any problem skunk in all of south-eastern Michigan. We can also remove the skunk by synch pole if the […]

Got Bats in your Basement?

Got Bats in your Basement?- 248.361.1528 – Do you wake up every so often with a bat flying through your basement? Your Probably wondering how in the heck are these bats showing up in my basement. Chances are you have a bat problem and it is coming from your attic or chimney. Yes the attic, in fact, […]

Michigan Nuisance Opossum

Michigan Nuisance Opossum Removal- 248.361.1528 –248.361.1528-  If you need opossum removal give us a call today at 248-361-1528. We will use live traps to catch the opossum and relocate it to a more suitable area. In addition to removing the opossum efficiently and humanely, we can also offer wildlife proofing services. This will include things […]