Winter Squirrel Removal:

Winter squirrel removal is best done by professionals. Do you see the  squirrels running through your yard and in and out of trees? They are very busy collecting food for the cold months ahead. If the tree’s are anywhere near your roof and house that cute squirrel could soon become and unwanted house guest!

When the fall weather arrives, the squirrels are hoarding away food for the cooler months ahead and searching for a place to take shelter from the winter weather! Humans’ homes are prime spots for squirrels as they provide all that squirrels need to stay warm, safe and fed! So what is the problem with a little ol’ squirrel? They are a nuisance as they cause damage to homes as well as carry diseases, usually via parasites that hitch a ride on them, and the feces they liberally leave behind.

Damage Done By Squirrels:

Squirrels are able to inflict devastating damage to your home by chewing through wiring in the attic and walls, increasing the possibility of fires. Chewing through water pipes to get to the water source. Destroying attic insulation and using it as nesting material. As well as infiltrating pantries and tainting food with urine and feces. Due to these things it is important to have them safely trapped and relocated and also have your home sealed up to avoid further invaders.

If your hearing the sounds of little feet running through your homes attic or walls, you need to seek professional help. Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control will help with all your winter squirrel removal needs. Our service is backed by over 20 years experience in the industry. We take pride in doing quality work and offer a satisfaction guarantee. Call today to schedule your home inspection. 248-800-4172